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Rhinanthus minor

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Rhinanthus minor
  • Rhinanthus minor
  • Rhinanthus minor
Yellow Rattle

*** Fresh yellow rattle seed (Rhinanthus minor) harvested July 2019 ***

Information from reverse of packet:

Hardy parasitic annual capable of weakening the vigour of some course grasses in a perennial meadow. Short spikes of yellow hooded flowers May-September, and brown seed pods rattle in autumn. Can self-sow, sun or shade and moist well-drained soil.

Height: 15cm - 50cm

Sow fresh seeds in August November into prepared ground (closely mown perennial meadow with the cuttings removed and the soil surface gently scarified). Sow seed on the surface, gently firm in the seed. Needs several weeks of cold weather (vernalisation) to germinate the following spring.

This packet contains one glassine bag of seeds.


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